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Challenge Multisport
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Welcome to Challenge Multisport



Located near Woodland Park and Green Lake Park in Seattle, WA.  We're here to prepare you, the endurance and multisport athlete, for your next event.   Don't put in countless hours in the pool, on the bike, or in your running shoes if you don't have a solid training plan.  If your goals include completing a marathon, century bike ride, or triathlon, make the most of your time and your training with Challenge Multisport.  You'll hit your next event prepared.

Now for a reality check...

We're not for everyone.  We're small.  Really small.  We're in a very private location where most folks won't expect a training studio.  Because of this, space is extremely limited.  But if you can get in and want hard-core training with access to the best coaches and trainers throughout Seattle, then we just might be for you.

To see classes offered and sign up, see the CLASS SCHEDULE.

Class Schedule
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